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Be Authentic

to What is Best for You,

Your Family and the Universe.

One of the things I am passionate about is doing everything with integrity and being authentic from the heart.

"The world is full of delicious, lovingly crafted foods that embody the terrain, weather, and culture of their origins. Unfortunately, it's also full of brazen impostors. In this entertaining and important book, Olmsted helps us fall in love with the real stuff and steer clear of the fraudsters." —Kirk Kardashian, author of Milk Money: Cash, Cows, and the Death of the American Dairy Farm

I am excited to place this book on my reading list.

Horses Teach Us Empathy

A must read to start your spring list:

"Lead with Your Heart . . . Lessons from a Life with Horses"

Award-winning author and celebrated neurosurgeon Allan J. Hamilton combines his understanding of the human brain with nearly 30 years' experience training horses to offer wisdom on such universal themes as leadership, motivation, ambition, and humility. The results are showcased in more than 100 thoughtful essays that treat working with horses as a metaphor for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Whether you're searching for greater spiritual depth or simply want to better understand your four-legged partner, this wise and important collection has something for you." Amazon
It was a pleasure to listen to Dr. Allan Hamilton speak at this year's Tucson Festival of Books and I felt completely in sync with his wisdom and respect for horses and what they bring to humanity. He speaks and writes from a lifetime of understanding the behavior of horses and people, making it clear that love, knowledge and compassion create bonds of skilled learning beyond our knowing. Horses are our partners in making our world better and I suggest everyone in your family read this amazing book!
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